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Innovative Curriculum


learn tinkering
48 Classes
120 hours
3D world + Animated games +animated stories+ Android apps+ Home automation+robots
Artificial intelligence, Design Thinking process, 21st Century skills


learn tinkering
96 Classes
240 hours
3D world + Animated games +animated stories+ Android apps+ Home automation+ robots+ python + entrepreneurship & innovation
Artificial intelligence, machine learning , coding, innovation, entrepreneurship, Design Thinking process, 21st Century skills

Why Learn Tinkering

Learn Tinkering is India's first platform that provides innovation-based learning.

We provide an integrated STEM-based education learning program to the students. LearnTinkering nurtures curiosity, creativity, and imagination in young minds to innovate their skills.

Interactive and Structured classes

Design thinking process

Latest technologies virtual Tour

Problem solving projects

Experienced mentors

International Competitions support

What they are saying about us

"I am really amazed the services they are providing. I have seen a tremendous change on my son's coding skills since he has been part of web development course."

learn tinkering

Piyush Rajput

"Thanks for providing helpful services to the people. I have enrolled my kids to 3 courses and i am planning for a 6 months one next."

learn tinkering

Puneet Kumar

"I would recommend it to the visistors of this websites. It is a 10/10 from my side, literally one the best online coaching websites for the kids"

learn tinkering

Siya Agarwal

"Are you also wondering about your children's skills? No doubt one the best educational websites on the internet with phenomenal courses"

learn tinkering

Asadullah Muradi

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide live interactive online classes and we also provide free access to a recorded session.

These sessions are schedulable as per the convenience of students and the availability of mentors.

it is not mandatory, you can take classes either by phone or laptop but for the software you need a laptop.

We will invite you to schedule a demo class with us and we will evaluate your kid based on their interest and performance. We will share our analysis and what we recommend for your kid

A laptop/desktop (with a webcam)/phone and an internet connection are all that’s needed to attend a class, based on which we will recommend a course.

Yes, these courses are for kids from 6 yrs.

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